Vanquis Credit Card Review

Vanquis is a credit card provider that offers responsible and reliable access to credit for those who are trying to rebuild their credit score. Their cards are issued on the Visa network, which means they’re accepted in a huge number of locations worldwide.

How can I get credit card with no credit?

They have a simple application process and their credit limit only increases in line with a customer’s ability to repay. They also offer personal loans and fixed rate savings bonds to help customers manage their finances.

You can apply for a vanquis credit card online and you’ll get a decision within 60 seconds. You’ll receive a minimum credit limit of PS150 and this can be increased every five months after you have demonstrated that you can meet repayments reliably.

As a credit builder it’s best to pay off your full balance each month and use it only for purchases that will help improve your credit history. However, if you do have to carry a balance then it’s worth bearing in mind that the representative variable APR on this card is 29.5% – around 10% lower than the other credit builder cards on offer from Vanquis Bank.

They also provide a variety of tools and advice on their web portal that will help you learn more about credit and how to manage your account. You’ll be able to view your balance and statements, make payments and set up alerts for when you spend. It’s easy to use and they support you with tips for avoiding overdrawing your account.

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