Innova 5610 CarScan Pro OBD II Scanner

If your innova scan tool check engine light is on then the ECU detected a Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) from one of its sensors. This is a good indication that the sensor isn’t working correctly and needs to be replaced. This is a simple task for the average DIY mechanic but for newer cars and trucks with complex sensors you may need an OBD-II scan tool. The Innova 5610 CarScan Pro can help you inspect, verify, and fix problems without having to visit the garage. This full-featured OBD II scanner includes access to Innova’s RepairSolutions2 knowledge base of more than 60 million verified fixes.

Innovative Diagnostics: Exploring the Innova Scan Tool”

The Innova scan tool is very easy to use. You just plug it into the OBD II port and then turn on your vehicle. Once it has detected your vehicle it will automatically start scanning the system. The Innova scan tool has a large, bright, and colorful display that clearly shows you the different functions. Some of the functions include erasing codes, scanning selected modules, and live data reading. It also has a battery/alternator test and a freeze frame that can help you diagnose no-start issues.

The Innova scan tool is one of the best in the industry at providing you with a wide range of diagnostic functions. It is able to clear codes, read and erase TPMS codes and read live data for almost any vehicle on the road today. It even has the ability to perform advanced resets and routines such as oil light reset, battery reset, steering angle sensor calibration, and headlamp calibration. In addition, the Innova scan tool can perform a complete pre-scan to identify factory and TSB recalls for your vehicle.

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