How to Choose the Best Email Verifier Tool

An email verifier tool  is software that checks an email address for validity and authenticity. It does this by comparing the user name, domain, and SMTP server of the email to a database of valid emails. Invalid addresses are discarded and marked as hard bounces. This helps reduce email bounce rates and improve the deliverability of emails to customers and prospects.

The best email verification tool performs multiple functions including SMTP validation, syntax check, blacklist checks and identification of disposable or free email addresses. Some of these tools also provide a real-time email verification API that can be integrated into registration, opt-in or contact forms on websites to verify emails as users type them in.

Validating Email Accuracy: The Power of Email Verifier Tools for Data Quality

Xverify is one of the most popular email verification services that offers multiple features for digital marketers. Its EU-based data centers and built-in protection against fraud minimize spam complaints and help improve deliverability of email messages. Xverify also provides a flexible pricing plan and 100 free verifications per day.

Clearout is another highly rated email verification service that performs multiple tasks such as bulk email validation, instant email validation, and identifies email domains and SMTP servers. The company also claims to guarantee less than a 3% bounce rate and provides 24/7 customer support. Moreover, the service supports over 110 tools including Mailerlite, Moosend, Constant Contact, and more.

DeBounce is an affordable email verification tool with a low number of unknown results and high accuracy. It carries out bulk email verifications and can validate up to 1 million email addresses at a time. Additionally, it enables developers to add their own APIs to forms on their websites for instant verification.

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