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According to a recent study, Americans value their eyesight more than their memory, speech, hearing or limbs—yet most do not understand some of the most common and serious eye diseases. The good news is, many of these diseases are preventable if people seek early care and follow their ophthalmologist’s recommendations for treatment and prevention.

How does social media affect eyes?

An lasik eye surgery new technology could help save the sight of millions of aging Americans with wet age-related macular degeneration. The tool uses topical eye drops to deliver the disease-fighting drug aflibercept, which helps slow vision loss.

The number of eye injuries sustained by participants in urban protests and demonstrations is rising, prompting ophthalmologists to call on Congress to address the use of rubber bullets in these events. A new study reveals a link between certain eye problems and diabetes, and highlights the importance of regular eye exams for those with type 2 diabetes.

In 2024, the AOA’s popular Love Your Eyes campaign shifts from gaming to championing eye care in the workplace. The campaign will release anew reportin partnership with Deloitte Access Economics on the hidden costs of unmanaged screentime and the need for in-person comprehensive eye exams to avoid unnecessary expenses to health care, work productivity and well-being.

A young boy who was nearly blinded by a severe case of COVID-19 has made a remarkable recovery thanks to his doctors and their expertise in the new treatment. The team used a cutting-edge technique called CRISPR, which allows scientists to “edit” DNA to potentially repair genetic defects or use cells as therapies.

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