Cool Flags

Whether they’re bold and bright, contain interesting symbols or just plain look good, these flags stand out from the crowd. They break the rules of a typical flag design, making them even more interesting. Whether it’s a lion with a sword or an angry bear tearing open an atom, these cool flags are sure to catch your attention.

The first of the Cool Flags on this list is the North Caucasian Emirate’s flag, a small republic that existed for six months in 1917. The flag consists of four blue and three white stripes, with red pompebleden (leaves of the yellow water-lily) in the white strips. The eagle emblazoned on the flag is reminiscent of the Soviet eagle, but the eagle’s face is actually the head of the dragon from Chinese mythology, a symbol of strength and power.

Stand Out: Cool Flags for Every Occasion

Another flag that breaks the rules of a typical flag is the Rwandan flag, which features six different colors (green, yellow, black, white and red) and a sun that symbolizes enlightenment. Previously, the flag was just a red-yellow-green tricolor, but they added the sun to make it more distinctive. The green represents the hope of prosperity, the yellow stands for economic development, the white represents peace and the red symbolizes courage.

Another interesting flag is the flag of Zimbabwe, which includes a lion on a gold background. Although the lion’s sword is a traditional symbol of Drukpa Buddhism, the roaring beast was also meant to convey the country’s fortitude and might. The flag of Arkansas is another standout, despite its blatant attempt to sneak in Confederate symbolism.

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