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Full-Mouth Reconstruction & Restoration Explained

Full-Mouth Reconstruction & Restoration is a surgical method that is used to reshape the palate (the posterior area of the nose) and to reduce or eliminate a deviated septum. The surgery also commonly creates a profile of the nose that mimics its natural appearance. The purpose of Full-Mouth Reconstruction & Restoration Surgery is to improve breathing and airway restriction resulting from congenital defects, growth abnormalities, or an accident. In addition, the surgery can also provide cosmetic improvement by correcting nasal abnormalities that are associated with enlarged tonsils or adenoids.

The Benefits Of Partials Dentist

Many of the procedures performed during the Full-Mouth Reconstruction & Restoration process use the tissue of the nose in the same surgical construct. This is because the tissues of the nose are similar to each other in anatomy, composition, and function. Full-Mouth Reconstruction & Restoration utilize the bones of the nose, cartilage, and cricoarytenoid cells of the nose, all of which fuse to form a structure of the nose. A flexible silicone skin is then used to cover and secure the new nose.

There are several advantages to Full-Mouth Reconstruction & Restoration. First, the surgery provides a much more even and natural appearance than other options. Also, since the nose does not change size following the surgery, there are virtually no post-operative complications. Full-Mouth Reconstruction & Restoration are also ideal for patients who have experienced trauma to their nose. Finally, Full-Mouth Reconstruction & Restoration offer patients with a permanent solution to their crooked nose without the need for removable nose dentures.