Day: April 24, 2024

Where You Can Find Good Violin Cases

We’ve compiled a list of essential instrument repair tips you can buy to protect your violin and keep it looking its best. All of our picks come with a good warranty and excellent customer service.Most hard cases are made of either polycarbonate, carbon fiber or some form of wood. Carbon fiber and polycarbonate are the lightest options, while wood is solid and offers superior protection. Some cases come with a built-in hygrometer or humidifier to help maintain optimum humidity in the case.

Investing in Quality: Ensuring Longevity with Premium Violin Cases

For musicians who travel a lot, it is important to look for cases with backpack straps and other carrying options. This allows you to carry your instrument easily over long distances and in situations with multiple passengers or other equipment, such as sheet music. If you also need to carry accessories, such as rosin, a metronome or a shoulder rest, check for cases that allow you to store those items.

Some models have a half-moon shape, which makes them smaller on the inside. In general, these will have less space for sheet music and may not have room for more than two bows. However, most of these cases still fit your shoulder rest in at the side of the neck.

This case is the lightest on our list and also the cheapest. It features a polycarbonate shell, which is shatterproof and heat resistant. It is the same material that is used for high-end sunglasses. It is also water-resistant, which is helpful if you live in a rainy area or frequently get caught out in the elements.