The Best Marketing Campaigns of All Time

There are a lot of television commercials that you have probably seen in the past few weeks, as companies try to push their products and services to you in hopes that you will make a purchase. Of course some of these are effective, while others only manage to turn off people. It’s important to know which of these marketing campaigns of all time, from the ones that are effective to the ones that turn people off, can you say were the best? Well, I am glad you ask, because in order for you to answer that question you must look at the strategies and tactics that were used in order for the advertisement to be as effective as possible. After all, this is not the only way that you are going to gain customers, but it is one of the most effective ways that you can use.

How to Choose The Best Marketing Campaigns of All Time

The first of the best marketing campaigns of all time was an infomercial about the new promo box that Apple released. This promotion was not only interesting to those that wanted the new box, but those that were able to test it really went viral. In fact, it went so vital that it actually brought in more than one million customers in just over the first week, which made it one of the best advertising campaigns of all time. If you had a television commercial that went viral like that, then you would know what it felt like to get the results that you were hoping for.

The second best marketing campaign of all time was from Microsoft when they were trying to get rid of a hated virus called Internet Security from the computers of consumers. Microsoft’s Internet Security saved countless computers around the world from having to deal with the complications of the virus, as it would prevent consumers from being able to get to the Internet. While this did not necessarily turn out to be a good thing, as it created more problems for many consumers, it did go viral and has been used to promote Microsoft ever since. This is also one of the best ways that you can use ads to promote your brand because not only does it show up on multiple channels around the country, but it shows up in the homes of everyone in the country. This is a very unique way to market because you are reaching millions of people at the same time.

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