Tennis Court Painting

tennis court painting

Whether you have an outdoor tennis court painting, basketball court or futsal surface, it can lose its colour with regular use and weathering. Keeping your court painted will extend its life and ensure it is an attractive and safe place for sports. A quality court will have hard-wearing acrylic paint that is low sheen so it doesn’t reflect sunlight and is easily cleaned with high-pressure cleaning equipment.

The most popular colour for courts is red. It is a favourite on both porous macadam and polyurethane surfaces. However, blue and green are also popular colours.

It’s important to keep your court well-maintained to prolong its life and prevent the need for expensive resurfacing. Keeping your court clean will help to reduce the risk of algae growth, stains and slippery conditions.

Choosing the Right Tennis Court Colors: Aesthetics and Performance

Regular cleaning with a power washer is essential. This is especially true after rainfall or after heavy play. You should also consider keeping the surrounding areas and fence line clear of trees and shrubs. These will reduce the amount of light that reaches your court and increase the chance of algae growth.

If your court is in need of a new paint job, a full repaint will be required. This will include repairing cracks, sanding the surface and repainting the lines and markings.

Before applying the top coat of tennis court paint, it is recommended to apply a layer of SportMaster Adhesion Promoter. This will increase the adhesion of your court surface to the acrylic coating. Then, apply your choice of SportMaster Tennis or Netball Court Specialists. If your surface has a cushioned layer, you may need to resurface it with the ProCushion system (shown above). These systems provide optimum resilience and spin responsiveness.

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