Different Options For Resin Flooring Kent

Resin floors are made from a hard-wearing plastic resin that is mixed with a hardener component to make it super durable and resistant to damage. These types of floors are perfect for industrial and commercial spaces, as they can withstand high amounts of foot traffic, chemicals and other hazards that would otherwise damage the floor surface. They’re also extremely easy to clean, resulting in a more hygienic environment for the space.

There are several different options for resin flooring kent, and each one offers something different to the others. These types of floors can be customised to offer specific levels of slip, chemical and electrical resistance depending on the requirements for the space.

Resin Flooring in Kent: Options and Services Available

PMMA flooring is often used in factories, as it is highly durable and provides non-toxic protection against corrosive chemicals. This type of flooring is also able to withstand thermal shock, making it a good option for warehouses and other industrial settings. PMMA is also relatively quick to lay and cure, compared to epoxy or polyurethane, which can take up to seven days.

This kind of floor is ideal for green houses and cannabis farms, as it can be customised to offer specific levels of chemical and anti-static resistance. It can be coloured to match the décor of the building, as well as incorporating patterns or designs that reflect the nature of the business. In addition to this, it can also be customised to meet the specific needs of the environment, including temperature and humidity.

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