Blocked Drain Solutions – How to Get Rid of Blocked Drains

Gold Coast Blocked Drain Solutions

If your Gold Coast Blocked Drain Solutions or starting to clog it’s time to get an expert to take a look. While some drain blockages can be resolved by using an electric eel or a high-pressure water jet, more serious issues will need a professional eye. In such cases, the plumber may recommend pipe repair methods like pipe relining. This method creates a strong new liner within your old pipes, sealing any cracks or breaks for a long-lasting solution.

Having a well-functioning drainage system is vital for your home or business. It helps to avoid unpleasant smells, flooding and other costly problems. The best way to avoid a drainage problem is by getting it checked regularly and taking preventative measures.

Flowing Smoothly: Tackling Drain Issues with Gold Coast’s Expert Solutions

Blocked drains can be caused by many different things including leaves, twigs or debris sitting in your gullies, blocked toilets and blocked shower drains. You can minimise the risk of blockages by regularly cleaning your plugholes, installing a sink trap and using a bathroom bin to dispose of rubbish. You should also avoid flushing objects down your toilet that aren’t suitable, such as nappies and jewelry.

If you have a blocked outside drain it’s important to act fast before it gets worse. A build-up of gunk can lead to irreversible plumbing damage and potentially flood your property. A simple DIY solution is to mix a 1:1 mixture of caustic soda and hot water. Pour this into your clogged outside drain and leave it to work overnight before washing it away with hot water.

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