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Real Estate Agents In Sejong

Realtor in Sejong

The government’s proposal to move the Blue House, National Assembly and other ministries to Sejong has triggered a rush for property in the town south of Seoul. Inquiries for apartments for sale and jeans deposits, or long-term housing rental deposit, rose 0.97 percent during the week ending July 20 compared with the previous one. Check this

To encourage government workers to relocate to the region and provide stable housing, a special program was introduced to guarantee them the right to purchase homes. Under the program, construction companies had to reserve a portion of newly built apartments for government employees. As a result, about 26,400 government employees bought a total of 97,000 apartments in the past 10 years. But the scheme has been criticized as not effective. Young employees who recently joined ministries are not eligible to purchase apartments under the special program because it was introduced years ago, and they have had to search for their own residences in a city where housing prices have skyrocketed.

What to Look for in a Realtor: Sejong Edition

Despite the rising inquiries for properties, some experts caution that the market is still in the early stages of recovery. Nam Jin-hong, a realtor in Jochiwon, says that the latest news has sparked many new inquiries for the Xi apartment complex he oversees in a small town 150 kilometers from Sejong, but those requests have not yet turned into real transactions.

In other areas, the real estate market is still sensitive to speculation. The previous government designated districts where apartment prices have risen significantly as speculative, and put in place various limitations on financing and selling apartments. Although the Moon government has eased some of those restrictions outside greater Seoul and Sejong, they remain in effect in Seoul.

The Harm of Shaming Children


Shame is a toxic emotion that damages children’s feelings of self-worth. Kids who experience shame often feel powerless to address the original need, challenge, problem or fear that prompted their misbehaviour. They are more likely to seek relief through other destructive means, such as drugs and alcohol or unhealthy relationships that exacerbate their shame-related symptoms.

Many parents use The Harm of Shaming Children as a way to control their kids or to vent their frustrations, and it can also reflect a lack of effective communication skills or an authoritarian parenting style. But shaming children is never an appropriate discipline strategy and erodes the foundation of trust in the parent-child relationship.

When kids are shamed by their parents — the people whose opinion and love they value most in life – their confidence and motivation dry up, research shows. They become more hesitant to take on new challenges and will focus more on what other people think of them than on what they actually should be doing.

Detoxing Tiny Bodies: Ensuring Safe Removal of Heavy Metals in Toddlers

Parents who shame their kids risk creating an internalized belief that they are bad or naughty, which can have lasting repercussions well into adulthood. This can prevent them from reaching their full potential, and even cause mental health problems, such as anxiety and depression.

We see the damage caused by shaming when kids are humiliated or hurt, such as when someone makes fun of their clothes, cuts their hair or posts embarrassing photos online. Sadly, we also hear about kids who commit suicide because they are overwhelmed by shame-related feelings, such as those brought on by their parents or other adults.…

Spray Painers UPVC

Spray painters upvc is a relatively new technique where existing uPVC windows and doors are given a complete coat of special paint. This makes them look better than new and is a great way to modernise your home without having to spend thousands on replacements. However, painting uPVC isn’t as simple as taking out your spray can and slapping it on; this is a job that needs an experienced hand to get the best results and avoid any mistakes that could ruin the whole look of your house.

UPVC is a very smooth material, and it expands and contracts in varying temperatures. This means regular plastic paints won’t stick to it very well, and they will peel over time. Luckily, there is a special type of paint that’s formulated for UPVC, and it can actually bond with the material to create a protective coating that will last a long time.

Revamp in a Spray: Transforming UPVC with Expert Spray Painters

In addition to protecting your uPVC, this paint also offers some other great benefits. For example, it’s quick-drying, which helps to reduce the amount of time that’s needed for the work to be completed, and it can help to give your UPVC a much more attractive appearance. This will boost your kerb appeal and increase the overall appearance of your home.

Another benefit of UPVC spraying is that you can match it to your gutters, fascias, and soffits to create a uniform look for your home. This will help to add value to your property and make it easier to sell if you ever decide to move.

Tennis Court Painting

tennis court painting

Whether you have an outdoor tennis court painting, basketball court or futsal surface, it can lose its colour with regular use and weathering. Keeping your court painted will extend its life and ensure it is an attractive and safe place for sports. A quality court will have hard-wearing acrylic paint that is low sheen so it doesn’t reflect sunlight and is easily cleaned with high-pressure cleaning equipment.

The most popular colour for courts is red. It is a favourite on both porous macadam and polyurethane surfaces. However, blue and green are also popular colours.

It’s important to keep your court well-maintained to prolong its life and prevent the need for expensive resurfacing. Keeping your court clean will help to reduce the risk of algae growth, stains and slippery conditions.

Choosing the Right Tennis Court Colors: Aesthetics and Performance

Regular cleaning with a power washer is essential. This is especially true after rainfall or after heavy play. You should also consider keeping the surrounding areas and fence line clear of trees and shrubs. These will reduce the amount of light that reaches your court and increase the chance of algae growth.

If your court is in need of a new paint job, a full repaint will be required. This will include repairing cracks, sanding the surface and repainting the lines and markings.

Before applying the top coat of tennis court paint, it is recommended to apply a layer of SportMaster Adhesion Promoter. This will increase the adhesion of your court surface to the acrylic coating. Then, apply your choice of SportMaster Tennis or Netball Court Specialists. If your surface has a cushioned layer, you may need to resurface it with the ProCushion system (shown above). These systems provide optimum resilience and spin responsiveness.

Wet Pour Maintenance

Wetpour Maintenance

Wetpour Maintenance is the process of looking after rubber safety surfaces to make sure they do not become unclean or unsafe. It involves a series of strategies to help the surface stay clean and performing to its maximum potential over time.

One of the biggest things that can affect the performance of a wet pour is the accumulation of organic debris. This could be anything from leaves, flowers and pine fine needles to moss algae and weeds. When this debris builds up on the surface it prevents water and air from passing through, causing it to become less porous. This in turn leads to problems such as a build of algae, moss and unwanted weeds and can make the surface very slippery.

Ensure your surfacing is free of debris by proactively cleaning with a light jet wash or hosing down at regular intervals. This will stop contamination from building up within the gaps in the surfacing and keep it cleaner for longer.

Eco-Friendly Solutions for Cleaning and Maintaining Wetpour Surfaces

This also stops the growth of algae, unwanted weeds and moss which can be difficult to get rid of once they begin to take hold on the surface. Keeping your wetpour clean will also ensure that it drains properly and can avoid issues such as flooding or becoming too muddy for children to play safely on.

If the surfacing becomes damaged with holes, tears or rips this can be repaired quickly and easily using a wetpour repair kit. These are available from ourselves and can be used to fix any damage caused by playground equipment, vandalism or atmospheric conditions. A wetpour repair is more cost-effective than removing and replacing the whole safety surface and can save you money in the long run.